Thursday, 10 January 2013

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 1910

Alan Moore & Kevin O’Neill

The third volume detailing the exploits of Miss Wilhelmina Murray and her extraordinary colleagues, Century is a 216-page epic spanning almost 100 years. Chapter one is set against the backdrop of London in 1910, 12 years after the failed Martian invasion and nine years since England put a man on the moon. With Halley's Comet passing overhead, the nation prepares for the coronation of King George V, while far away on his South Atlantic island, the science-pirate Captain Nemo is dying.

I have, on the shelf next to me, the next volume of this which has been a long time coming. So, I thought I’d give this one a crack again just to refresh the memory.

Mina, Quatermain & Orlando are joined by Carnacki and Raffles as they investigate the occult underworld they suspect of trying to bring forth the Moonchild (whatever that is).

Nemo’s daughter Janni meanwhile has run away to London where the patrons of the depraved little dive where she finds work eventually attack her in the most vile manner leading her to summon the Nautilus, of which she is now the captain, and exact her revenge.

I like this book a lot. It’s blatantly only a third of a story and I much prefer to read my books fully formed so this was slightly frustrating. The next volume is going to be the same but fuck it, some LOEG is better than no LOEG.

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