Friday, 11 January 2013

Sherlock Holmes: The Game's Afoot

David Davies (ed)
Wordsworth Editions
Once more, the game's afoot as Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street returns in twenty new adventures specially commissioned for Wordsworth's Mystery & Supernatural series. The celebrated detective, along with his friend and biographer, Dr Watson, investigate a variety of baffling mysteries that will delight fans of the famous sleuth. Striding through the foggy gas lit streets of London, Holmes tackles such cases as 'The Puzzle of the Green Skull', 'The Secret of the Brown Box', the conundrum of 'The Dragon of Lea Lane', as well as coming face to face once again with 'The Sussex Vampire'.
We also learn what really happened at the Reichenbach Falls when Holmes had his fateful encounter with Professor Moriarty. David Stuart Davies, Denis O. Smith, Mark Valentine, Matthew Booth, M.J. Elliott and the other talented writers who have contributed to this collection have followed closely in the footsteps of Arthur Conan Doyle in creating a wonderful feast of Sherlockian entertainment.

This is modern selection of Sherlock stories written by a horde of people I've never heard of with the exception of Mark Valentine.

Mark has two stories, one solo piece about the match trade and one duet about a coat of arms. Both are nifty little pieces. Quite low key but entertaining and unusual.

Low key would seem to be the watchword of the entire book and each author puts forward a nice little tale with no-one really standing out. The only bad story is the very last which is an utterly pointless retelling of the Reichenbach incident that was just shoddy really.

A good read though but I'm still not a fan of the short story anthology. I like more meat on the bones of my stories.

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