Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Doctor Who: Imperial Moon

Christopher Bulis
BBC Books

The TARDIS materializes on the far side of the moon and the time safe alarm goes off. Inside is a diary kept by a Captain Richard Halliwell, describing his mission from Earth to the Moon -- in the year 1878. The TARDIS returns to 1878 where the Doctor meets up with the expeditions and the remains of the massacred team member are discovered. The Doctor must find the alien creature responsible for the murder and solve why there is no record of Victorian space travel.

The phrase ‘British Imperial Spacefleet’ on the back of a book is always going to catch my eye. This is the first of the PDA books that I’ve read and I chose it because of that phrase. That the book is set in 1878 certainly didn’t hurt its chances of being pulled off the shelf.

The Doctor (travelling with Turlough & Kamelion) find a diary in the TARDIS safe that tells the story of the mission to the moon and makes mention of the Doctor & Turlough. They head back for a look-see and are soon part of a rescue attempt across a strange oasis on the moon filled with strange and deadly creatures and beautiful ladies in scant clothing. There’s a mutiny and a warder to deal with before things get really nasty and the Doctor resorts to gun-play to eliminate the marauding Vralls who were there in hiding.

It was a typically Doctor type book with no real suspense but lots of running around a fairly unorthodox setting. It was fun but not essential.

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