Sunday, 12 September 2010

A Gentleman's Duel

I thought I'd launch this blog with a nifty little animation for your delectation.

Blur Studio's, A Gentleman's Duel, tells the tale of an Englishman and his French rival as they attempt to woo a buxom young lady. Things soon degenerate into one of the things we all love so much about the genre - giant robot battlesuits beating seven shades of oil out of each other!

It's beautifully animated and makes a valiant stab at that sort of 'Carry on...', 'Benny Hill', 'Seaside postcard' saucy British humour. It isn't 100% successful at that but does raise a few chuckles. The joy of it though is in the seamless and riotous brawl.

I'd love to see them take this tale further.

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